Mar 20, 2010

pride and prejudice

I am completely mesmerized by this movie- the beautiful costumes, the gorgeous scenery- the timeless visuals are just heart-stopping. The era was captured to perfection, and I felt entirely engrossed in the storyline. Ah if I count the times I heard of this movie being praised and critically acclaimed and never called my attention one bit. Finally gave it the time of day since the mister had gotten us a Netflix account and I wanted to fill it up a little. Have to say this movie has been listed on to my favorite films. I cannot belive that I never paid any attention to this movie since I loved “Sense and Sensibility” which is another film based on Jane Austen’s classics.
Jane Austen’s classics and written masterpieces have been transferred beautifully and successfully into these two stunning films, which made me quickly search for other films based on her books. I just love the era, the grace and elegance, the respect and all the formal traditions and simplicity. I have both books as well, and will now be grabbing a copy of “Emma” at Barnes and Noble to read over the summer at the park on my own little picnic sheet while the sun hits my face ;) Ah the good stuff!

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