Oct 26, 2010

forever young, I want to be forever young

I want to get bangs again. But I feel they are so high-maintenance. I have dyed my hair jet black again. For some strange reason my hair keeps turning lighter with the years (shouldn't it be the opposite?) Anywhos, I dyed it jet black again but now I feel I should get bangs. Maybe it's a part of me that wants to stay young. I have seen about three or four white hairs *gasp* I know! I had one since I was around ten, but its like now they have decided to multiply -_-. And I'm even deciding if I should get some anti-aging creams and serums since I see about everyone in their twenties is doing it. I don't know, isn't that too early? Oh don't mind me, good for you if you skipped reading all this nonsense. I'm having a late-twenties crisis! 

My favorite song of the week, yeah I know, no wonder huh ;)


  1. Do it!! I recently re-cut mt bangs back and I dont know know why I ever grew them out again.
    You look so cute in that pic!

  2. I'm also totally craving bangs but my hair is curly and I have no time but I want it SO bad.