Jun 4, 2010

my little island

I will be going to my Quisquella La Bella this weekend for a month. It was planned last minute since the tickets were on sale and my mother wants me to accompany her to help her furnish the apartment she bought a few years ago. I wasn't too much into the trip since I had recently been there and because I had a whole summer planned here in NYC, from going to adventure/water parks, to revisiting a few museums, going boat riding, and having some picnics at the park. I feel last summer flew by and I didn't do many of the things I wanted to. But I have to see the bright side- I'm visiting such a beautiful tropical island, seriously what's wrong with me? And I still have July and August to do all the things I want to do here plus I get to visit my gorgeous little Quisqueya and our breath-taking clean beaches (something we do not have in NYC).

Here is my aunt Lila's adorable house which I will be visiting and taking some new pictures of. Just as cute as the entry is so is the inside. Everything is so antique and charming. Now I can't wait to sit in this warming house with the family having some sweet treats and cool lemonade. 

source for pictures besides my aunts house (which I took myself) you can find here


  1. Wow! I adore that house so much!

  2. I saw your comment on my blog so i thought i would take a look at yours and its so cute, that house is gorgeous, im jealous, Keep posting! xxx

  3. awww! adorable photos! great blog! I follow you now! =)

  4. Thanks for your sweet comment! I like birth marks but only if they're cute or quirky, I mean I have a pretty big one on my back and why am I telling all this ^^ I wouldn't mind living where you come from, it's breathtaking!