Apr 20, 2010


So since I was little I was in loveeee with the name Isabella. When I was fourteen I wrote on my daily planner all my favorite girl and boy names. At the very top I circled Isabella. I was sure that one day I will have a little girl with rosy cheeks and long hair that resembled me and she would be named Isabella. As the years went by, nothing changed. When my sister was pregnant four years ago, searching for a name, I told her I have always loved Isabella and one day will name my child this. She forgot and almost named her daughter Isabella, but because her husband did not have a good association with the name, they settled for Anabella. I told my friends the story, who have known me for years and have heard of my love for Isabella. Unfortunately, one of them loved the name a little too much. I remember when I told her the story of how my precious adorable Anabella was almost named Isabella, she told me the name was beautiful. She is pregnant now, and her baby girl is due in July and she will be naming her- yes you probably guessed it- Isabella. I can't help but pout like little girl at the thought of it :(
Oh well...I'm far from having a baby so I will have to search for a name when the time comes...Yet I'm still all sour, I feel like I'm ten again- the first time I remember hearing the name and thinking it was perfect. Ugh! :/ I guess I will feel better when my friend gives birth and I meet baby Isabella and see that it was the perfect name for her :)

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  1. I have always done the same thing -- thinking of the perfect names! It must be a girl thing...but I know what it's like to have your heart set on one! Isabella is a beautiful name, but I am sure you will find the perfect one that will be special and uniquely yours!