Apr 21, 2010

colorful little casa

how gorgeous is this little house?

I love how theres nothing over-the-top about this pretty little house, it even has an odd little shape yet it adds to its uniqueness. The most beautiful thing is the flowers growing around the house, just plain beautiful. The colors of purple, yellow, blue, and beige contrast against each other and pop out complimenting to its beauty.  This picture is by Wil Zoetekouw and he shot it while driving to San Fransisco from Los Angeles.  Zoetekouw explains, he just couldn't resist taking a picture of this beautiful little house tucked in between other ordinary houses, well who can blame him? This picture has been saved as a favorite on flickr and weheartit.com by many people, which makes me wonder if one day it'll reach its owner. I hope it does, and they smile when they see the hundreds of people admiring their gorgeous colorful little casa :)

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