Apr 13, 2010

if I can live anywhere else in the world it would be....

20090316004903I'm just in love with everything about it. I love its old white-washed structures with its blue doors, domes and details. Its arquitecture is gorgeous with so many homes, temples and monuments congested together. And the scenery? There are just no words to describe it, is just breathtaking, and I have not even experience it with my own eyes. I can just see myself walking through its little narrow passages through its mountainous ranges that slice into celestial waterscapes- can you say heaven? I just love its mountainous landscapes and the feeling of looking down and being able to capture so much, opening a window and staring into its sapphire blue Mediterranean waters, and having everything so clustered together. There's so much nature and so much history in every corner. I love how every angel seems to face somewhere, and just by going out to your balcony you can see your neighbor's door, you look up and see another neighbor's balcony, and you look to the side and something else is there, you take a few steps and you are at their place. As much as I love my New York City, I cant say that much about its views. Looking out my bedroom window all I see is concrete and some other tight-closed windows. Looking out through my kitchen I have a decent view of tall and short buildings all around me and a few greens and blues, but mostly everything is shades of brown and gray concrete arquitecture. I most say our nights are gorgeous, with all our twinkling lights and bright signs but I most say I'll give it all up for some clean air, warm-sea breezes and peaceful ethereal scenes. I don't think I'll ever find a place more beautiful than Greece with all its mazes of intriguing little streets with hidden treasures. I need to visit here one day but I need minimum a whole week of strolling around its narrow stone-step streets, and it's charming terraces, gorgeous courtyards, romantic restaurants, and of course relaxing and enjoying its to-die-for celestial sceneries. These pictures don't even capture all the rest you can find of gorgeous Greece.
get-attachmentaspx.jpg picture by ZCompres
All pictures are from Flckr from Oia Village in the island of Santorini, Greece


  1. I. Love. Your. Blog. :) Got here through iheartit, haha - what are the odds?? Anyways, I'll be sure to stop by again :)

  2. thanks Cecilia and please do so. I'll be sure to check your blog out :)