Mar 3, 2011

ballet shoes on my wedding list

I've been so busy with the wedding that my plans with blogging have not turned out how I was hoping for. I wanted to post about the progress and everything I'm working on. However, time does not stretch enough. I'm sorry I have abandoned this little space of mine. 
So far, I have the design of the cake, the dress, the invitations, and even the centerpieces. But I still don't have anything if that makes sense :/ I will be traveling to Quisqueya to get together with the wedding planner and the rest of the staff. Wish me luck :)
And while your at it check this gorgeous inspirational shoot here ^_^


  1. wedding planning always seems so alternately fun and stressful. good luck, enjoy it and dont stress about blogging. i went on vacation or 2 weeks and it was a nice break from the interwebz :)

  2. My dear friend is getting married on the 20th of March this year and she's still have a coupe of things to finalise just before the day. She has worked very hard in the past year with organising her wedding, which I think she's done quite well.

    I can't wait to plan my own wedding despite the fact that stress and other issues are involved with planning a wedding.

  3. Good luck! yuo can make it up to us after the wedding ;)


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  4. hey gorgeous zaira,
    sorry i havent commented your blog in ages. great to hear that you are getting married! that is so exciting! let us know about all the plans and dates and everything! :) :) xoxo eri