Feb 19, 2010


photograph from "The Boy with the Red Balloon"
I have always had a fascination with balloons. They bring me childhood memories filled with birthday parties, games, smiles and laughs. Balloons make a statement. They are bold, bright, colorful, and float up in the air as in “I am here look at me.” Bring a friend presents, chocolates, flowers, and they may go unnoticed by crowds, but bring balloons along tied to a present (if any or even a card) and it will surely stand out. Their transparency, bright or soft pastel colors are truly beautiful. They call out festivities; Balloons say, “your day is worth a celebration.” The best thing about balloons is that you can be so creative with them, they are not only limited to birthdays, but for example- you can also give all pink balloons for friendship day and all red balloons (my faves) for valentines or any other romantic occasion. All white balloons are also used for special ceremonies such as weddings or baptisms. Give me balloons anytime of the year and I’ll be happy- filled with days when magic existed and games were our priority and tickle-fights came as easy as children’s laughs and smiles.

I’m in love with the soft pastels and 70’s inspired theme used in this photograph above. The balloons add the perfect touch.

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