Aug 2, 2012

Dreamy Bokeh Effect

Here is my broad tutorial on the Dreamy Boken Effect
1.Select Picture of your choice. 
I will be working with a random picture below:
(Not necessarily a pretty picture but just to see the effects)
2. Get a Bokeh picture of your choice. You can go on google for this and just type Bokeh Picture.
I chose the same Boken picture as a A Piece of Lisa.
3.Open new layer and drag Bokeh picture on top of picture of your choice.
4. Change your Bokeh layer from "normal" to "screen." 
5. Change opacity to desire level. I chose 75% or so.
6. Play around with layer size and position until desired results.
Here are my results:
I followed A Piece of Lisa's tutorial. Check it out for more information and precise steps :)

You can also add bokeh hearts for a romantic dreamy effect. Here is one I tried:
Tip: I also have found that these effects looks best on soft pictures unlike bright color pictures. Try to pick a neutral picture with soft backgrounds for a more dreamy effect ;)


  1. this is a great tutorial, love the effect! x

  2. I know all thanks to A Piece of Lisa's blog! I loved it and had to add it in here just in case. I once had a tutorial saved and then the person deleted the blog so I lost it, so this time I did my own quick tutorial just in case :)